The Mobile Evolution 1G-2G-2.5G-3G

07 Apr The Mobile Evolution 1G-2G-2.5G-3G

The mobile phones that we use now were not always the same; mobile phones used radio technology for its evolution.

In traditional times mobile phones only aimed at satisfying the purpose of calling and receiving calls, but now voice calling is one the thousands features which is provided by the cell phones.

In this fast and modern world cell phone user’s demand for various features such as sms, emails, social networking, online chatting etc and all these demands are satisfied because of the advancement in technology used for mobile productions.

Hence the following matter will showcase and will give a brief introduction of the mobile Evolution.

1G phones or first generation phones existed in 1980s. It transferred voice data in analog wave (radio wave), it had many limitations because there was no digital encryption and the sound quality was poor and the speed of transfer was only at 9.6kbps.

Later came 2G phones, it was an improved version because due to the introduction of the concept of digital modulation, which means converting the voice signals into digital signals. Being digital, they overcame some of the limitations of 1G, it did not involved radio waves hence making life more healthier.

2.5G phones are somewhat transition of 2G and 3G phone. In 2.5G, the most popular services like Sms, GPRS, Bluetooth etc was brought to service

3G is the current generation of mobile telecommunication standards. It allows simultaneous use of speech and data services and offers data rates of up to 2 Mbps, which provide services like video calls, mobile TV, mobile Internet and downloading.

4G phones are still in their R&D stage, but it is said that 4G phones will introduce many unbelievable features which will make human life faster and easier. It is also said that 4G phones will provide data transfer speed up to 100Mbs per second.

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