The website design mistakes the annoys the user

10 Apr The website design mistakes the annoys the user

While constructing a website, the developer must know that the user is the king and he should be at complete easy while surfing your website. Some mistakes in the web design irritate the user. Such mistakes should be taken care of and washed off immediately. An error free and a flawless website design will always lead to increased website usability. Here are few web design mistakes that annoy the user and must be taken care of while building a website.

    1. A cluttered and messy website – some website designs have an absurd design. All the data on the website will appear jumbled and crowded. Videos, images, graphic etc will be mixed up and the user won’t understand anything. WordPress enables us to develop a proper website but it’s the designer’s work to check the margins, spacing, ads etc


    1. Overproduction – some websites appear as if millions of dollars are spend on it. They are unnecessarily overrated. The websites with flash elements will ask you to download the latest version of flash or update your video player etc. All this causes a lot of trouble to the user. Why should a restaurant website ask the user to download a flash player!


    1. Uneasy access to contact details – A user expects a prompt navigation to the contact us page. If you hide this page somewhere inside, the user will leave the website out of irritation.


    1. Auto Playing of Media – never ever commit this mistake of auto playing the media. A person sitting in his office won’t obviously expect a music file to be played when he opens a website. Nothing else can annoy him than this. Some users consider it  and it is a kind of spam used by some advertisers.


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