Things to consider when creating Mobile Website design

07 Apr Things to consider when creating Mobile Website design

This era is also known as mobile era, Mobile which denotes cell phones as well as the constant movement of human beings. Nowadays web designers have to keep in mind that desktop is not the only devices which people use to surf, various other devices are easily available. People use Mobile, Tablets etc to use internet, to surf while commuting or during their breaks or anytime when they cannot reach their desktops.

These days mobile network providing companies have reduced the internet costs to a great extent, hence a large numbers of users use their mobiles for surfing rather than using their desktops, availability of Wi-Fi sources in almost all the public places has also contributed in increasing the mobile internet usage.

Mobile internet is not as effective as desktops, web designers should keep in mind various factors if they are developing mobile web page.

Following are some factors one should consider in order to develop mobile web pages:-

Standard mobile screen size: – Unlike traditional mobile phones, now different types of mobile phones are available, they range from simple apps supporting phones to smart phones.

Each and every cell phone has its own screen size i.e. different dimensions. Hence web designers should keep this in mind and develop websites which can be easily viewed in almost all the cell phones.

KISS- keeping it straight and simple:- Mobile internet browsers does not allows many features which one can see in desktop browsers, hence one should avoid adding things like forms, videos, animated graphics etc.

Using of low size files: – While developing mobile websites one should try to upload images, videos etc in small size, so that it loads faster and will help in keeping visitors on the site.

Website Designers these days should keep themselves updated about various mobile features because the demand for mobile web sites is increasing day by day.

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