Thinking of setting up a blog? Have a look!

24 Apr Thinking of setting up a blog? Have a look!

When you really want express your views about a certain thing and you have pretty good knowledge about it, you have interest in blogging. Blogging is all about giving in your thoughts and taking in other’s views through the comment section. An effective blogs requires proper and efficient blogging tools. There are many blogging tools which have a different effect on each blog. Blogs do not demand much money as much of the tools are open source scripts and free services. Here are the 2 key tools for blogging.

  • Hosted services – When you want to start with blog, you have to start with hosted services. You might not have the knowledge of having hosting space and not know how to install tools and applications for your blog, there are a number of hosting services available. Few of them are Blogger, Livejournal and Typepad. You can easily register to these services and use them.


  • Installable Scripts – There are a number of hosting solutions that give your blog a domain name with your website’s name. E.g.  Some of the hosting solutions come with default scripts which are already installed. Best and effective alternative to installed scripts are CMS like WordPress, Movable type etc. WordPress is the best preferred for developing a blog.
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