Tips to design a blog for a first-time visitor

17 Apr Tips to design a blog for a first-time visitor

Designing a blog or a website is a very crucial task. There are many aspects which have to be taken care of. The final objective of a website is marketing and SEO. The website has to be user-friendly. But visitors who are regular and have been visiting since long are used to your web design and layout. They won’t get confused even with the web content as they know how things roll with your website. But when it comes to new visitors, your web design plays an important role there. a new visitor might visit your website for short term purpose of finding any particular data. But your website design should be such that the new visitors should become your regular visitors. How? Here are few guidelines to design a blog or a website for a first time visitor.

    • A neat background – You website, especially your homepage, should not be messy and crowded with graphic, textured background and images. New visitors won’t find your website professional then and they might not think of visiting again. Thus, always try and go for a non-cluttered background.


    • Visual communication – As mentioned above your website should not be crowded with images and graphics, that doesn’t mean the website should contain only content data. People love interactive way of communication. Thus, visual communication should be used but in a proper manner.


    • Make your web content skim-able – many people are used to skim written content in websites. Thus, do not write much and only highlight the key content. Avoid use of long paragraphs and long sentences.


    • Consistency – Your website design should be consistent throughout. The use of colour schemes, texture, and graphics should complement each other. These are the feature of a professional website design and your website should look professional to a new visitor so that he visits your website again.


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