Tips to secure your Joomla website

03 Apr Tips to secure your Joomla website

No matter how good is a system, hackers try to decode and hack the system. But the Joomla developers are constantly working on 100% security of websites to protect it from hackers. Hacking has been common amongst all public world wide web platforms. But the system developers have managed always to overcome the problem. Here are few tips of security you can maintain if you have a Joomla based website.

Good maintenance plan according to a proper budget

While making a website on Joomla, take care that you have proper budget and a proper maintenance plan accordingly. A big websites demands proper regulation from time to time which may fluctuate the budget. The hackers focus mainly on the centre CMS framework and the third-party extensions. Do not compromise with resources and funds when it comes to security or the website can be easily hacked.

Work more with Professional Components

The website is made by real technicians. Economics plays an important role behind the code of a website. Work more on the professional components and more better will your website be.

Keep cleaning

The unused data, components and modules should be constantly deleted as they are of no use.  This is not just for security reasons but also the website will function more proficiently.

Password security

We cannot rely on password for complete security. But yes we can definitely take certain steps like having a long password containing symbols, numbers, alphabets etc.

Small and easy passwords are easier to hack for the hackers as they have the key to hack all kind of passwords.

Security monitoring services

Opt for a security monitoring service. Usually it provided through ISP. There is a “Securelive” component for Joomla specially.


A regular backup of the entire data system is must as a precaution. A backup within a span of 30 days is necessary for any website.

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