Top 10 marketing tips for your ecommerce website

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18 Jan Top 10 marketing tips for your ecommerce website

Your business won’t be successful unless it is really known to people. When people know about your business and ecommerce website, they visit the website. It is necessary to adopt a number of strategies for advertising and marketing your ecommerce website. Start promoting your ecommerce website as soon as it is created. Here are few marketing strategies for your ecommerce website design.

    • List your website in all the search engines – After including your site on the World Wide Web; include your website on all the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. on the internet.


    • RSS feeds – Integrate RSS feeds to your website as it keeps the user updated about the recent news. RSS feeds are submitted to different sites also.


    • Blogs – Keep writing blogs. Include the link to your website on the blogs. This will add to promotion of your website. Also, search engines also go through the blog content.


    • Newsletters – Newsletters are effective tool for marketing and advertising. A person subscribing for your newsletters will receive regular updates of your business and website.


    • Email – Email marketing is one of the traditional ways of marketing which is effective. You should have an organized list of email-ids of people who have been connected to you.


    • Forums – Participate in forums that are relevant to your business. Mention about your website on the forums.


    • Free classified Ads – You can advertise and market your website through free classified ads.


    • Link building – Exchange your website links with popular sites. This will give more exposure to your website.


    • Quality web content – Your website should have effective website content. Give proper description of your products and services. This maintains a good customer relation.


  • Articles – Upload articles related to your new launches, products and services. People are updated about your business.
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