Top 4 mistakes while designing a mobile website

17 Apr Top 4 mistakes while designing a mobile website

No, your mobile isn’t a small-sized replica of your computer. It doesn’t possess as much features and potentiality as your computer does. The same applies to the appearance of website. Your website cannot appear the same on mobile as it appears on computer. The mobile might not be capable of handling all the applications, scripts and graphics like the computer does. Thus, a mobile website designhas to be such that the mobile is able to load it smoothly and in a proper manner. Here are 4 mistakes that you should avoid while designing a website for mobile.

    1. Not keeping the users in mind – Some designers simply go ahead to design the website as per their knowledge and comfort. You must always keep your users in mind while making any kind of website. A person surfs a website on mobile for a definite purpose. The website designer should keep this purpose in mind and design the website accordingly. Users should not get confused about what the website is exactly meant for. Thus, design a website as per the requirements of the users.


    1. Overloading the website – A mobile website design should always be compact, concise, informative and easy to use. Simply adding extra information in the website will create confusion in the minds of people. Users hate cluttered website design. Thus, keep is simple and highlight only the key features of the mobile website design


    1. Heavy features – Your mobile is not a computer and technically won’t load the websites as quick as the computer does. Hence, if you bombard high end scripting applications on your mobile, the website will load very slowly and people might leave the website before using it. Keep it light. Use basic features and applications that load quickly.


    1. Launching without testing – It is very important to test and retest your mobile website design to see if it is compatible with all the internet-supported mobile phones and mobile browsers. Thus, to launch a error-free website design, you should test the website and its application.


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