Top 5 books of all time

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01 Feb Top 5 books of all time

5. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
Definitely one of the greatest American novels of all time, if not the greatest. This novel is something every young reader would want to grab a copy of. Many of the literary rules of that time were broken by this book. Especially, it did create a controversy time and again for its use of the “N” word which might seem this novel to be racist but it’s completely opposite. One of the most powerful and powerfully moving statement against racism, as well as slavery, war and other American problems.

4. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
There is no clinical, sociological, or mythic seriousness about Lolita, but it flames with a tremendous perversity of an unexpected kind. Lolita is the story of an obsession, told by the obsessed that happens to be a pedophile. The book is beautifully and powerfully written. Also the ending is both melodramatic and too neatly rounded off – every character in some fashion gets his or her just or unjust deserts. Only Nabokov’s skill as a writer enables the reader to suspend belief.

3. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
War and Peace is usually described as one of Tolstoy’s two major masterpieces (the other being Anna Karenina) as well as one of the world’s greatest novels. Many people start to read War and Peace for the same reason as others climb Mount Everest: because it’s there. It is to serious readers what Everest is to serious mountaineers: the ultimate challenge, the ultimate experience. War and Peace is quite simply a wonderful book that leaves its readers changed for the better. I only wish Tolstoy had written his planned sequel.

2. Hamlet by William Shakespeare
It is no surprise that Mr. Shakespeare is on the list. Hamlet is a tragedy by William Shakespeare. “To be or not to be”, that’s probably all you’d heard of Hamlet until you had to start reading it for class. Little did you know that Shakespeare’s 500 year old play would be full of betrayal, violence, lust, and an argument for proper mental health? Definitely the second best, and a book that you should have on your shelf.

1. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
“The most epic novel ever written”. Anna Karenina is widely regarded as a pinnacle in realist fiction; this book was considered as Tolstoy’s first true novel. Tolstoy’s style in this book has been considered by many to be transitional, forming a bridge between realist and modernist novel, undoubtedly making this the best novel of all time. A MUST READ!!!!

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