Top 5 plug-in for maintenance and servicing of your WordPress blog

23 Apr Top 5 plug-in for maintenance and servicing of your WordPress blog

For the proper functioning of any WordPress blog, just proper development and designing is not enough. Your WordPress also needs proper maintenance and servicing. Apart from regular updating of blog, there are few plug-ins for WordPress that help in its maintenance. Below are top 5 plug-ins useful for proper functioning of WordPress website designand blog.

    1. WP Maintenance Mode – Sometimes it is necessary to make changes in your blog. At such times, it is better to keep your website down so that there are no errors caused to the users. WP Maintenance Mode is the best plug-in during this time. It lets the user know in a better way that your website is down due to some technical problems.


    1. WP Security Scan – Blog security is one of the key elements in blog development. WP Security Scan is a plug-in which helps in security of blog by checking for security elements such as file permissions for your website.


    1. WP-DB Manager – Database back-ups are very important for a website or blog. If you don’t back-up regularly, you can lose your entire database in minutes if hackers hack your website. WP-DB Manager helps in regular back-ups for your blog and helps in maintaining the databases by checking for a number of errors in database.


    1. XCloner Backup and Restore – We have regular back-ups for database but the files uploaded can wipe away if the server is wiped away.  Xcloner Backup and Restore helps in back-up of both databases and uploaded files.


  1. Akismet – Every blog obviously must be having Akismet. See to it that you clear all the spam and flagged comments. The “comments” section is a large database and by clearing the spam comments, you can make comments database smaller.


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