Top 6 Google Gadgets for Website development and Website design

17 Apr Top 6 Google Gadgets for Website development and Website design

As a website designerand developer, one always aims at increasing the website traffic. The website traffic increases with interactive and creative web design. One of the ways to make your website for effective is the use of Google gadgets. Google has a number of gadgets which can be useful for web development. Below are few effective Google gadgets that have proven to be useful for web development.

    1. Google maps – Google maps is an outstanding gadget of Google which you can integrate to your website. Google maps will help you associate your company’s address so that the viewers find it easy to locate your company. GPS on Google maps will enable the users to find the exact location.


    1. Slim RSS reader – This Google gadget can be used to provide new information about your business products and services to the users. The users can be constantly get updated about the products through Slim RSS reader.


    1. Weather gadget – This gadget enables the user to find the weather of a particular place on the present day or the day after. A user who is up to visit your company’s address can make use of this weather gadget.


    1. Google date and time gadget/Google calendar – This is a very basic gadget of Google. It can be used to give a particular time to the users to inform them when they can contact you.


    1. You tube – You tube is the second largest search engine in the web and it is developed by Google. People love media more than content. Thus, a YouTube video can be embedded in your website to give the users a good experience.


    1. Photooogle gadget – If you need a photo album or a gallery of your products on your website, Photooogle will help you to upload photos in a proper manner.


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