Top Search Engine Optimization mistakes that you should avoid

13 Apr Top Search Engine Optimization mistakes that you should avoid

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for your website and increase in traffic for your website will always uplift your business sales. But the exact opposite thing will can cause you a great loss. Thus, Search engine optimization is very important for your website. Here are few mistakes that you should avoid when going for SEO –

    • Mistake 1 – Never fill your entire site with graphics and no written content or data. The website needs to be creative but not so much that you are available nowhere on the search engine results. Even your hypertext links should be in text format and not Javascript or design format. Links in text format are prioritized in search engine results.


    • Mistake 2 – avoid overuse of Flash. Having knowledge of particular things doesn’t mean you apply it everywhere. People hate to see flash movie as it consumes time and also takes time to load. Also, use of flash in the form of text should be avoided. Google doesn’t analyse such text easily


    • Mistake 3 – never miss out the keywords in your title tag. The keywords in title tag plan a very important role in SEO. Thus, you cannot avoid the title tag.


    • Mistake 4 – Making use of invisible text on your website is an old idea now. Google is aware of this tactic and in fact if you use it, it might list you in the bas websites section.


    • Mistake 5 – Avoid using doorway or gateway pages. Doorway pages are the web pages that designed for search engine and are filled with keywords. Remember your website is for users and not for search engine. If you have proper content on your website, your website will appear on the search engine results page.


    • Mistake 6 – Never have in bound links with the websites that are black listed or banned. Share links with websites which are reputed and acknowledged.


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