Types of Hosting Providers

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30 Jan Types of Hosting Providers

With the advent of technology and new tools on the web, there are varieties around us. In the same way, there is a variety in Hosting Providers as well. Let’s have a look at each one of the type.

1)  Cloud Hosting:
Do you want to grow your traffic rapidly? Evaluate their scaling options, get your plan upgraded and soar high with the popularity.

2)  Reseller Hosting:
Oh! So you have your several websites as well as your client’s website to manage? Then you surely do fall under this category.

3)  VPS Hosting:
Virtual Private Server is designed for those who need more and at the same time for those who do not aim for a full time server.

4)  Shared Hosting:
So you have a budget constraint and you do not require the full time server? Shared Hosting is thus preferred for you with its low bandwidth and one Cpanel Account.

5)  Dedicated Servers:
If you are the likes of Tata’s, Birla’s and Ambani’s, you definitely are on a look out for a server that incorporates large amount of resources, takes care of their client base and needs a high and almost a perfect amount of uptime.
Hope now you know which one to go looking for.

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