Updating a Logo Design – When and How?

04 Apr Updating a Logo Design – When and How?

Updating a Logo Design can be a bit scary task. A logo is a symbol that stands right besides your company or brand name. A logo is not something can you can keep changing again and again. But there comes a certain point when you really need to update your logo to something more unique and better.

There are few reasons mentioned below why a Logo design probably needs to be updated.

Out-dated Design – Trend changes and you need to go along with the trend. Your current logo might have a colour scheme which is not suiting the current trend. At such times, you might have to change the logo design. Sometimes, your brand might go global. A logo at global level has to be different and web friendly than a logo at local level.

Confusing Logo Design– Sometimes the logo design is quite confusing. It might not appear same in both small and large sizes. Also, sometimes the logo looks different in grayscale mode than in colour mode. Thus, at such confusing situations, you need to change the logo so that it looks clear and uniform irrespective of its size or colour.

You will find tips and guidelines in this blog on how to create a unique logo design.

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