Use of frames in website design

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27 Apr Use of frames in website design

There are a number of elements that decide the usability and productivity of your website design. These elements consists of JavaScript programming, frames, cascading style sheets (CSS), screen resolution, use of colour etc.

Importance of frames

Basically, frames are related to 2 main things in a website. One is the screen resolution of the website and other is the compatibility with the speech software.

Screen resolution

Usually, the screen resolution of a website at a designer’s device is larger than at user’s monitor. Actually, frames occupy some amount of space on the monitor and thus there is less space left for the web content. Thus, while designing the website by using frames, check your website in a reduced resolution only such as 640×468 or 800×600. If the frames do not fit in the screen resolution, users have to use the scroll bar to scroll vertically and horizontally.

Significance of frames in speech software

Speech software is the software used by visually impaired people for correctly interpreting the web content. The words on the website content are translated to audio voice and it is thus heard by the users who are visually impaired. But the speech software cannot translate excess of web content. Also, the visually impaired do not know which content belongs to which section. Thus, frames are useful at such times to divide the content.

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