Use of Layers in Photoshop

04 Apr Use of Layers in Photoshop

Layers are the images with different effects which are laid on top of one another. All the layers together helps in proper editing of an image which lets us create multiple images or completely new images. Layers are an important feature of any image editing tool and used commonly in Photoshop.

How are layers useful?

Time-being edits

By making use of layers in Photoshop, we can edit the required part of image without letting any other layers (effects) getting effected.

Retains data

We know that whenever we bring about any changes in an image, we lose some data. Layers help in avoiding such loss of data and protects out image file from becoming corrupted

Multiple Images Editing

You can copy the stack of layers of one image and paste the same stack to another image. The second image will get exactly the same effect as the first one.

Creating a new layer and using the layers

Usually the option for creating a new layer is easily visible in the photo editing softwares. The first basic layer is blank and can be opaque or transparent.

Whatever layers have been created can be seen in the in “Layers Display” box which is usually at the right side. The top most layer in the display box is the top layer of the stack. If the layer is highlights in grey colour, it is the layer in function.  You have an option for controlling the transparency of the layer. There is a “Normal” blending mode option which will blend all the layers in the image.

Adjustment layers are used for adjusting the features of background image. It includes alteration of levels of brightness, contrast, hue/saturation etc. Only adjustment layers can cause changes in the layer beneath them.

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