Use proper colours in your website design and website development

03 Apr Use proper colours in your website design and website development

Use proper colours in your Website Design

It is proved psychologically that colours have effect on humans both physically and mentally. Colours can even increase blood pressure and stimulate your senses. Different colours have different effects on the minds of people. Here are the emotions attached to different colours.

The same thing should be applied to your website. What the website is meant for and the colour of the website should be associated with each other.

Which colours to use in general?

If your company (its logo, brochures etc) is already associated with a colour, the website of your company should also be of the same colour. It makes your brand more unique.

The colour of the website also depends on the type of website. A website relating to women products should include soft colours like pink, white or purple. Nature/agriculture/farming related sites can make use of green or brown colours. Business websites look more decent in blue or white colour.

Each website is meant for certain kind of people – children, teenagers, adults or old people. Younger people are attracted mostly to vibrant colours like orange, red etc. While older people are usually fine with black, white or gray shades.

Use appropriate colour combination

A bad colour combination can spoil the entire look of the website and will repel all the people from the website. Two dark colours like black and orange will never be liked by people. Keep a decent colour combination

The second thing to be remembered is the text should be visible over the background colour of the website.

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