Using HTML5? Do not miss out these resources!

17 Apr Using HTML5? Do not miss out these resources!

HTML5, the latest version of HTML has been very successful and is now used by many web developers to develop the website. HTML5 has many good features like its ability to allow the user to directly embed the media files. It is very necessary that you should keep updating yourself with the programming language that you are using. Here are 5 good resources for HTML5 that you should refer for reaping all the benefits of HTML5

    1. HTML5 doctor – HTML5 Doctor is a website where you will get all the tips and guidelines to use HTML5 in an effective manner. You will also get the latest update on HTML5 here. Thus, HTML5 Doctor will help in creating a better website through HTML5.


    1. HTML5 W3C Specifications – W3C is the most popular and trusted international organization for web development. In the editorial section of W3C, there are few specifications about HTML5 that are worth considering and should not be ignored.


    1. HTML5 Wikipedia – The Wikipedia for HTML5 will give you all the details about HTML5 right from its origin to each and every element that it consists of.


    1. HTML5 Test – This tool is useful for knowing the technical elements of our web browser which supports and does not support the HTML5 features for your website.


    1. HTML5 gallery – HTML5 is a website which has examples of number of websites which are based on HTML5. Thus, it is very resourceful for the website developer.


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