Web design mistakes one should avoid

13 Apr Web design mistakes one should avoid

There are many features and factors associated with web designing, a good web designer should always be aware of new trends and techniques of website designing.

But in this blog instead of discussing about new trends and techniques of web designing we will discuss about the most common mistakes made during web designing.

Following are some of the most commonly made mistakes:

The message of the site should be sent within the seconds:
Web designers should make sure that the message of the website is sent across in seconds, if not the visitor will leave the page and will look for some sites. This mistake is still prevalent in many of the sites.

Content should be easy to scan:
Site should have content which is easy to read and should have clear use of headers, footers, bullets and numberings etc.

Unreadable fonts:
Sometimes web designers use fonts which are too small or too fancy. If reader is not comfortable with the font he will leave the page and will look for other websites.

Let user have control over audio and video:
It is many times seen that as soon as you open websites, an audio file or video file starts playing. This should be avoided and user should have control over the audio and video used on the website.

Contact details should be added:
Web designer should make sure that the contact details of the website owner are added or else one has chances of loosing feedback and comments from the visitors.

Easy navigation:
Makes sure that visitors can easily navigate through the website and they do not have any difficulty in finding content on a web page.

Drop down menus should be avoided:
Sometimes it is seen that Drop down menus hide some important information because many people are not aware about its working.

Don’t create many versions of your site
It is mostly seen that. Web designers create many versions of a site like HTML version or Flash version or etc.  This is created for the assistance of visitors but it is seen that it creates a lot of confusion. Hence it should be ignored.

Avoid flashy ads:
Flashy ads are sometimes too disturbing and they create much trouble for the visitors. Hence it is advised to add sophisticated ads in a proper manner instead of flashy ads.

Fancy intro’s should be avoided:
Sometimes some websites have some fancy welcome thing for the visitors, but many a times visitors are in a hurry and they are irritated by such things hence it should be avoided and visitors should be directly directed to the main content.

Bright colors should be avoided:
Use of bright colors in the back ground are always disturbing, it is advised that simple and soothing colors in the background.

Avoid using pop up ads:
Pop up ads are always interrupting the user in his work and it is highly recommended not to use pop up ads.

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