Website design trends 2012-2013

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25 Apr Website design trends 2012-2013

Thing keep on changing along with time. It’s a different trend today and it would be a different trend tomorrow. The same applies to website designing. The elements of web designing are altered and modified every other moment. These modifications gradually turn to a new trend. These web designing trends match to the current situation in the surrounding. Some of the web designing trends if 2011-2012 which are growing popular are-

    • Textured backgrounds – There has been a new trend of use of any kind of texture as a background image for the entire web page. Texture backgrounds make the website look unique and give the website an appealing effect.


    • More images – Images are an interactive form of visual communication. An image speaks a lot of words. Thus, due to faster loading of websites nowadays, images of big sizes and small sizes are used on a website.


    • Typography – Typography is the most creative element of graphic web designing. Typography enhances the effect of graphics by the use of different font sizes and different font types. Typography is in trend now and the regular font system in graphics is fading away.


    • Negative space and Minimalism – Minimalist design along with negative space is highly in trend now. Use of both of these in a website make the website more dynamic and attracts the users to a large extent.


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