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We at Global Solutions, India’s leading Design Company, provide comprehensive web development services including graphic design, interface design, user experience design and search engine optimization. We have created successful online identities for organizations across the world. Our customized websites will guarantee maximum returns out of your online investment. Web Designing plays a vital role in enhancing one’s business presence over the internet.


Ideas are common. What’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about. The professionals at Global Solutions understand what you need and aspire to implement ideas into a functional and a realistic experience. We focus on making it compelling enough so that no eye can blink without noticing it. making it an interactive platform to receive as well as impart information accurately. In today’s world, we are aware of the importance of website and the immense power that it has to shape the way your customer’s look at you.


We focus on:

  • Creating a website that speaks to its visitors because they are the voices of the businesses they represent. Visitors are generally not aware about your business but a good website will clarify their doubts and help them with their personal purpose easily.


  • Content: Most web surfers do not have a lot of spare time to spend trying to decipher notes and texts. Sometimes there’s content that wastes the time of your prospective clients. We try staying away from it and make sure that the content is related to the products and services of the company’s website.


  • Links provided: We should make sure that if there are links provided in the sentence or anywhere on the website, they are in a working condition. If customers cannot find what they are looking for, they get annoyed and move on to the next site with working links. In compliance with web standards: Make sure that all types of browsers have access to the website because limiting visitors unintentionally could result in missed sales and profits.


  • Availability: Make sure there is a contact page for customers to leave comments or ask questions. Every company involved in web development process has its own methodology and we have devised our own too.


We help you create:

  • E-commerce based site design
    Online reservation service websites for hotels and restaurants. Small community websites with video and audio sharing facilities. If you are looking to sell your goods or services online we can help you with complete site design, payment gateway integration where by you can accept payments via credit card on your website. We use Joomla, OpenCart, OsCommerce and WordPress tools to build your ecommerce website.


  • Custom Website Design:
    Custom design provides ensures your webpage is unique and flexible.Creating appropriate graphics, header tags, page titles, alt image text, keyword density and so forth makes your website perform better in the search results.We apart from industry specific expertise, also provide support and web training.


  • Flash Website Design:
    We offer flash web design for effective online promotion of your business website because it can serve as the most clear, efficient, simplified and cost effective means to interact with your target audience. We interact with our clients to extract their ideas and transform them into reality.Our team strives to make your flash website design visually eye-catching and places the text in a way that it delivers your messages efficiently. Our dedicated service will definitely help you showcase the working procedure of your products and services.


Why Us:

Based in India, Global Solutions provides wide range of design and development services from corporate website design,  wordpress website design to logo, graphic design and search engine marketing services to help your business reach to wide range of clients across the world. Constructing a building involves an expert engineer to work on the architecture’s dream and we do the same for you too. Our special team of dedicated designers understands your visualization of the website and takes charge of constructing it.



Faster loading time

We design fast loading responsive websites


Our Websites are Easier to maintain and updation is quick


Carefully planned navigation plan for easy surfing


Automated enquiry forms & feedback collection


Lower maintenance cost due to CMS option

Unique designs

We make Unique and custom made designs


Timely delivery and fast turn around time.


We provide technical support for CMS websites

Client Satisfaction

We work until the client is fully satisfied

We build websites that build your business. We shape images that shape your brand.