Website designing and website development using HTML5

10 Apr Website designing and website development using HTML5

The latest HTML’s version, HTML5 has gained tremendous success inspite of its availability in only few browsers. HTML5 has been proved successful in adding a number of attractive elements in website designing and developing.

Here are few features of HTML5.

    • There was a doctype specification in HTML4 which was a bit complicated. HTML5 has a simplified doctype.


    • All kinds of audio and videos are supported by HTML5. When HTML5 becomes applicable to all the browsers, no extra plug-ins will be required.


    • Easy editing of content is another great feature of HTML5.


    • The next feature is of HTML5 is that now 2D images can be directly placed in the code.


    • HTML5 has rendered the use of web applications even when offline due to its cache feature.


The importance of HTML5 for web designers –

    • HTML5 obviously loads quicker than HTML4 as it executes Websockets.


    • HTML5 featured also render making of mobile applications easily which can be applicable for all the mobile phones.


    • Audio, video and other media tools can be directly embedded in the code in HTML5


    • CSS3 and HTML5 make a great combination to create attractive and effective websites.


    • HTML5 has enabled a quicker, flexible and easy way of creating websites which can be modified easily.


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