Website maintenance – An important part of website development

18 Apr Website maintenance – An important part of website development

You have not completed your job once you develop a website and put it on the web. Just designing a website is not the ultimate solution to a profitable business. You have to always consider and give importance to website maintenance part too. Website maintenancebasically means updating the website from times to time, checking the website for errors after regular intervals of time, installing the latest extensions etc. Technology constantly keeps on changing every moment. Thus, you have to go along the technology by properly maintaining your website. Here are few guidelines for maintaining your website.

    • Whatever type of media files you are using for your website should be properly categorized as audio, video etc and placed in separate sub folder so that you can easily locate them whenever you want.


    • All your web pages of a single website should have a common theme, colour contrast and a common outline. Thus, save a template at the beginning itself. You can copy paste this template each time while creating a new web page.


    • Sometimes, your client asks you to keep space for adding elements or products in future. At such times, go for vertical expansion or navigation.


    • You need to regularly update your website with different plug-ins, extensions, different tools etc. But always create a back up before updating.


    • Keep a track of the modifications you make in your website.


These are few guidelines you can follow. There are many more minute things that have to be taken care of while developing and maintaining a website.

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