What is a sitemap?

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27 Apr What is a sitemap?

What is a sitemap?

Sitemaps are one of the most required elements of any website. Still many website developersfail to create sitemaps in their websites. Like a book has an index, similarly a website has sitemap. A sitemap is an index of the entire website which can be viewed by the users as well the as search engines. Sitemaps developed on HTML are much more effective as easy to use.

What is a HTML sitemap?

Sitemaps are created so that the users can easily browse and explore any part of the website. Sitemaps give the users a entire outline of the content in the website. Sitemaps created by HTML as called HTML sitemaps. HTML enables easy creation of sitemaps and division of content in different categories of the content. This indirectly helps in increasing the website rank in search engine results.

Benefits of HTML sitemaps

  • HTML sitemaps are index of a webpage that appear on a single page. All the contents of the website are viewed on a single page.
  • The most important purpose of HTML sitemaps is for SEO. HTML sitemaps help in better search engine results as the search engine crawls the sitemaps for searching the content.
  • Another most important benefit of HTML sitemaps is easy navigation. Through HTML sitemaps, you can easily know all the contents of the website and access them within a single click.
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