What is banner designing and how to create stunning banner designs?

12 Apr What is banner designing and how to create stunning banner designs?

Advertising is one of the most important aspects of almost any business. Advertising helps you to aware people about your products and services etc. One cannot imagine any business process without an advertisement.

Advertisements can be done offline as well as online, here we will deal with online advertisements. There are many types of online advertisements video ads, pop up ads, and banner ads etc.

Online advertising is somewhat similar to Offline advertising, advertisers pay for their ads and they also select the modes and types of their ads. Various types of advertising are available on internet, but banner ads are the ads who guarantee people’s attention. There are many sites which provide space to put up banner ads. Banner ads are mostly seen on the most visited and popular websites.

The main aim of the banner ads is to attract people’s attention and compel them to click on the ad, once the visitor clicks on the ad he is automatically directed to the advertiser’s website.

Due to the availability of wide range of advertising businesses and wide range of advertisements provided by them, it should not be difficult for anyone to design and upload an ad for his business.

When creating banner designs following points should be considered

  • Dont make your banners too heavy with lot of animation and images
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Ensure that you quickly pass the message across the viewer
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