What is bounce rate?

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04 May What is bounce rate?

What is bounce rate?

Bounce rate is the rate of people who come to your website on the landing page and leave it before going on another page of your website. Bounce rate is a metric term in website SEO. It is an important calculation for knowing why your website is unsuccessful. Lower the bounce rate, better will be your website productivity and more the bounce rate, lesser will your website productivity.

How your bounce rate increases:

  • Clicking the “Back” button
  • Completely closing the internet browser directly
  • The user might either click the ads on your website or the back links to other profile on your website.
  • The user might also directly type a new URL and access the other website or he can use the search option on his browser for searching other things.

If the user does any of the above things, he won’t be staying on your website and will be directed to some other webpage. The formula for bounce rate is –

“Number of visitors who bounced back/Total number of visitors”

You can get the exact bounce rate for your website by using Google Analytics. If your bounce rate is extremely high, there is something really wrong with your website and its design. Work on it for making your website more effective.

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