What is Graphic Design?

03 Apr What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design can be defined as a creative process of branding a product or service with the help of artistic images, art, typography, and information. Graphic designing enhances the delivery of a particular message to the audiences in a creative manner. Graphic designing provides a proper identification to logos and branding, to advertisements and product packaging.

Graphic designing is one of the best form of visual communication. Its creativity provokes in people, a certain interest towards the product or service.

Graphic Designing has numerous applications today. Branding of a product/service is the most important application. Other than that, graphic designing is used in road signs, technical schematics, offices, reference manuals, etc. Graphic designing is also used in textbook publications’ layout for description of theories and diagrams.

Graphic Designing mainly includes visual arts, typography, page layout, interface design and print making. Apart from software and technical tools, your creative mind is the most basic and necessary tool in graphic designing. The design is created in the mind first. The layout of a graphic design is usually created using the digital image editing tool. Some of the most popular softwares used for graphic designing are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign and Adobe Dreamweaver.  Also, QuarkXpress is an important software used for page layout in graphic designing.

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