What is Link Building and Beginner’s guide to link building

09 Apr What is Link Building and Beginner’s guide to link building

What is link building?

Some websites are similar or have some kind of connection with each other. Linking these websites with each is known as link building. Good quality links and necessary links do help in increasing the search engine rankings and better search engine optimization. But unnecessary linking of websites is spamming.

Why build links – Natural reasons!

The 3 major reasons for building these links within two or more websites are –

    • The 1st reason is helping the customers with useful and necessary resources they might need while surfing your website.


    • The 2nd reason for interlinking the website can be increasing the visitors for each of the website.


    • The 3rd reason is increasing the business profits through online bookings, online purchasing etc.


There are 2 types of links –

    1. Reciprocal links – Reciprocal links are the links which are directed to website 2 and the website 2 has a link which directs you the website 1. Thus, it aims at benefiting both the websites. But the search engines algorithm doesn’t prioritize reciprocal links. Thus, you must make a note that reciprocal links won’t cause an effect in your website’s search engine rankings.


    1. Non-Reciprocal links – Non-reciprocal links are one-way links. The website 2 wont offer a link to go back to the website 1. Non-reciprocal links have the element of trust. And yes, search engines highly prioritize non-reciprocal links in their algorithm.


What factors should you consider while link building?

The first and the most important thing that you should remember is always link to a website which has a good rank in search engine results. The link should not be much difficult to obtain on your website. Keep it easy for the users to obtain the resourceful link.

Remember, too many links are a indication of spam and that will give a exact opposite effect. You must link to real good websites which have a good history and are devoid of spamming blacklist.

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