What is page caching and should it be considered when creating website?

24 Apr What is page caching and should it be considered when creating website?

What is page caching?
When you own a business, your offline store’s convenient location for the users is equivalent to the online store’s SEO and its visibility on search engine results. A number of factors are responsible for increasing and maintaining the traffic to your website. Page caching is one of those methods which contribute to an effective website design. Page caching is the process of storage of buffers of web pages of a website in the operating system of the device. Page caching is done when a viewer loads a particular page and it is stored as a backup in the browser. It is known as a cached copy and a cached copy displays the most recent version of the webpage.

There are several types page caching:

    1. Quick caching – This type of page caching catches directly the page output instead of the entire PHP coding. Due to quick cache, the loading of a website reduces by 80%.


    1. WP Super Cache – This type of cache is included in WordPress CMS.


    1. Alternative PHP cache – This type of cache catches the data with intermediate PHP code.


Page caching helps lowering the load on the server and thus this increases the website traffic. If the website loads quicker, people won’t have to wait much. This will indirectly give rise to increased search engine results.

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