What is PAY PER CLICK in Search engine optimziation

12 Apr What is PAY PER CLICK in Search engine optimziation

We already know that target audience for the internet advertisers is very huge. Hence more and more business organizations are adopting the online methods of marketing and advertising when doing search engine optimization on their website.

When we talk about online advertising, numerous ways are available to choose from. One of the best forms of online advertising is Pay Per Click advertising also known as PPC. In pay per click advertising the advertiser only pays if the visitors click on the ad. PPC ads are mostly placed on the websites which are popular and have large number of visitors.

There are many advantages of PPC advertising. PPC advertising creates instant results unlike SEO. PPC advertising is a faster mode of advertising, but yes it is true that SEO results in bringing in large number of visitors but the results are only seen like after 3 to 4 months, but in PPC advertising once the ad is placed it starts creating leads for the advertiser.

The other advantage of PPC advertising is that, there is less wastage of money. One only pays for the number of surfers who clicked on the ad, unlike banner ads where the ads are showcased and payment is on monthly basis and the advertiser has no records of the ad’s effectiveness.

Faster results and genuine expense on advertising are the two main reasons why one should go for Pay Per Click Advertising.

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