What is PHP and should one create website design using PHP?

17 Apr What is PHP and should one create website design using PHP?

Each and every website on the web aims at more and more website traffic. Clients spend a huge amount on website designing and website developing. It is a fact that a creative and interactive design attracts the visitors. But web development is not just about the design. Upgrading the website from time to time, balanced maintenance and control over the website also plays a vital role. PHP is a programming language which comes in action here.

What is PHP?

PHP is a server-side scripting language which was first created in 1995. PHP language was developed for the purpose of web development. Initially, PHP meant Personal Home Page but now PHP means Hypertext Pre-processor. PHP is an open source programming language used my many developers in the world now.

Advantages of PHP

    1. PHP has been beneficial mainly due to its ability of getting embedded directly in to the HTML code.


    1. PHP is compatible with all the major Operating systems and web servers too.


    1. PHP is considered to be quicker than other web programming languages.


    1. Moreover, it is a reliable programming language that comes for free of cost.


Main uses of PHP

    1. PHP has been widely used by the programmers to design the HTML web forms.


    1. PHP is also used for analysis and examination of browsers.


    1. It also enables the user to store the information in databases and to work with file management.


Features of PHP

    • PHP creates a highly secured website as it asks the customer for a username and password every time while using the website.


    • PHP is featured with processing along with HTML web forms


    • PHP is an interactive programming language that allows information storage in databases.


    • PHP is also useful in developing functions such as polls, message board etc.


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