What is Podcasting?

12 Apr What is Podcasting?

Due to advancement is internet many new forms of internet marketing are coming forward. Podcasting is a new form if internet marketing which can be used to attract more customers to your website. It is very effective and easy to produce.

Podcasting is somewhat similar to video marketing, in video marketing you give your product’s features and qualities through a video and attract visitors by giving websites name/address in the last. In podcasting you develop an audio or mp3 file containing your products features and stating you websites name/ address in the last.

You can create podcast using a simple microphone and a recording device. Once your podcast is created you can share it on your website or to attract more visitors you can also share it on social networking sites.  More the hits and likes more incoming traffic.

So hence if you need more visitors on your website, you should create a podcast for your website too. They are easy to create and share and they will surely take your business to next level.

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