What is Social Networking?

07 Apr What is Social Networking?

When we hear the word social networking the things that comes to our mind is Facebook, Google+, Orkut etc, but all those things are social networking sites.

Social network is something like grouping individuals into specific groups, where members of the group talk, discuss and share common interests, beliefs etc.

When such Social networking happens online it happens on social networking websites.

Such Social networking websites makes social networking easier; one can contact other person having same interests and over a period they can develop good friendship.

Another Advantage of social networking is that it is very diverse and well expanded; for example, one person sitting in India can develop online friendship with the other who might be sitting in Canada.

Social Networking Websites can also be proved helpful in business matters. Many social networking websites provides features like video chat, Public poll (survey), space for ads etc which can be used for various business purposes.

Along with advantages, there are dangers associated with social networking including data theft and viruses, which are on the rise. The most prevalent danger though often involves online predators or individuals who claim to be someone that they are not.

Social Networking Websites are the modes used by 21st century to communicate, social networking websites are making world materialistic. Due to this moral values and Ethics are going down which in future can lead to various problems.

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