Whats are RSS feeds and how to create RSS feeds?

24 Apr Whats are RSS feeds and how to create RSS feeds?

What are RSS feeds?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds are mainly used for uploading a fresh and updated content on a website, blog etc. from time to time. RSS is a type of web feed in which content is uploaded in standard web formats. Separate software is designed known as RSS reader for reading RSS feeds. If you subscribe yourself to RSS feeds, you will automatically receive its updated content from time to time.

How to create RSS feeds?
Actually RSS feeds are developed on XML language. But for creating RSS feeds in your website doesn’t require the knowledge of XML. Open source CMSes like WordPress and Typepad install RSS feeds automatically. Some websites like Squidoo automatically include RSS feeds to your webpage.

Uses of RSS feeds

  1. RSS feeds help the user to get constant updates about a website. these updates can include launching of a new product or a new service, new developments on their website etc. The website owner can connect with its interactive users through RSS feeds and this will help him get a better feedback.
  2. All the RSS feeds are stored in RSS directory. These directories are interconnected to each to other thereby helping in quality link exchange through feeds. This helps in better search engine rankings.
  3. RSS feeds allow you to post one single post on various websites with the help of plug-ins like “wip-o-matic” and “Dual feed”.
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