When creating website one should focus on content or design?

13 Apr When creating website one should focus on content or design?

Content vs. design can be a topic for ongoing debate. But one can say that both are like diameters of a same circle, they are always equal. Both content and design have their own importance in website design, neither one of them can be ignored.

Importance of content:

Content helps you to make your websites interactive; content is the only factor present on a website which gives information about your product. Nowadays website surfers do not have much time to read the whole content present on the website hence content on the website should be short and crisp.

Along with the quantity, quality of the content also matters. One should add the information which attracts visitor’s attention and is convenient to converts visitors into buyers.

Also updating the content on regular basis and adding new and fresh content will help your website in improving search engine results rank, which is very important in attracting new visitors.

Importance of design:

Presentation enhances the content. No one will read the content if the presentation is shabby and dull. Designing is very important to make sure visitors stay on the page for a longer time.

Designing involves apps and graphics, but one should take care not to over use such apps and designs because over using them will just create confusion to the visitors and will eventually affect the user friendliness of the website.

Hence one can conclude that both design as well as content is useful and should be used in equal balance while designing a website.

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