When designing Ecommerce websites why shipping process is important?

10 Apr When designing Ecommerce websites why shipping process is important?

Each and every element of an ecommerce website design is important and has to be taken care of minutely. Right from the home page of the e commerce website to the check out process, everything has to be user-friendly. Customers go for purchasing a product online when they trust it. A good and cut to cut shipping policy will always develop a trust in customer’s mind. Such things are important as they promise a long term relation with your customers. Below are few things you should consider for a good shipping section for your ecommerce website.

    • Your shipping policy should be descriptive. Also, mention in detail about all the shipping terms like the cost for shipping, the delivery time for shipping, etc.


    • Have a separate radio button for information on shipping on your ecommerce website. This guides the customers to know more about the website.


    • Try to have a free shipping facility on your website. People avoid purchasing on websites which have shipping charges. On the other hand, do not keep any hidden costs.


    • Ship the products on time. A late delivery annoys the customers. Make sure you are associated with a good shipping company that delivers the products on a particular given time


Keep updating the customers about their product dispatch. Mail them about the shipping description with delivery time. Otherwise also, for maintaining customers you should be in touch with them by sending them regular mails about your products.

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