Why choose JavaScript?

24 Apr Why choose JavaScript?

You browse a number of websites daily. Some of them are developed on JavaScript programming language. JavaScript is one of the most resourceful programming languages which enable the creation of dynamic and creative web pages. JavaScript has been hugely popular amongst all the web developers. It is very easy to use too. Here is a brief guide on JavaScript.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is an object oriented programming language used to develop dynamic web pages. The function code written in JavaScript is embedded in HTML web pages. Java and JavaScript are two completely different things. Though they have certain common terms, but they have different meanings. JavaScript functions are a bit similar to C language. JavaScript is a simple programming language with powerful resources contributing to an effective website.

Advantages of JavaScript

    • Some JavaScript functions are already pre-written and thus you don’t have to rewrite. This makes script easy in JavaScript.


    • JavaScript is compatible with all the browsers and this makes it so popular amongst the web developers. It is an easy programming language which has very easy compilation steps.


    • It is a very fast programming language. The processing is associated totally with the task.


    • JavaScript doesn’t demand the installation of any kind of hardware. It is completely independent.


  • Last but not the least, it offers an effective and user-friendly website.
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