Why do Indians prefer online shopping?

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30 Jan Why do Indians prefer online shopping?

This e-commerce industry in India is fast growing, not just in the big cities but also in smaller towns. Everyone is looking for value shopping which saves their money as well as time. The customer behavior, too, is changing drastically. People no more hesitate in buying mobiles, laptops and other electronic devices online. Indeed, online shopping is on a rise. The reasons for this are many. Apart from just the convenience aspect, there are various other reasons that have attracted the Indian consumers, namely-

1. Very comfortable and convenient:
As mentioned earlier, online shopping is very user friendly since it helps the user in almost all aspects. It helps the user to sit back on his couch and shop anything and everything he wishes to have and he gets all that delivered without any disturbance.

2. Better prices:
The discounts, deals, vouchers help consumers buy products at a cheaper rate than they could have bought from a shop. Also, if one goes to a shop, the rate is most of the times fixed. So online shopping makes the commodity to be sold at a cheaper price.

3. Wide range of products:
If we go to a mall for shopping, going through all the varieties of products is just not possible; we do miss out on most of the products which we would have bought if it were easily accessible for our eyes. So shopping online makes it easy for us to choose from a wide range of products without missing out on any variety.

4. No geographic barrier:
Any commodity from around the globe can be made available at your doorstep through e-commerce. People are fast catching up on buying items from other parts of the world, and I am sure that this habit is going to spread amongst a lot of people in India. Who wouldn’t like to have a product made in Antarctica to reach your doorstep just in a ‘click’s time’??

So relax and enjoy. Take an hour out for a shopping spree

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