Why keep your website design SIMPLE?

23 Apr Why keep your website design SIMPLE?

Simplicity is one of the main ingredients for a website design. A user-friendly website is always simple so that the users easily navigate throughout the website. Here are the main reasons for keeping your website designsimple.

    • Easy navigation – A simple website doesn’t have must of excess information. Thus, there are only required web pages and sections in it. Navigation to less number of sections and web pages is more neat and easy.


    • Loading speed increases – A simple website is devoid of extra graphic elements. A simple website is clutter-free. Thus, it loads quicker than those websites which have more graphics, complicated navigation etc.


    • Better content exposure – A simple website beautifully delivers the web content to the user. More graphic distract the attention from the website content.


    • Cost-effective – A simple website doesn’t require extra codes and elements in it. Thus, the web developer doesn’t have to work much on it. Thus, it saves the costing for the client. Also simple websites occupy lesser server space and bandwidth. Even here, it saves a lot for you.


    • Consumes less time – As it doesn’t involve much programming and developing, simple website consume less time.


    • Perfect website – A simple website is perfect website because as the coding is very simple, all the errors and flaws in the website can be easily eliminated. A big complicated website will have a complicated code and will take much time to debug.



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