Why outsource to India & Why India is most preferred software development destination

04 Apr Why outsource to India & Why India is most preferred software development destination

India has become the world’s top most locations for outsourcing. The main reason why people outsource to India is its man power, great quality at very competitive price. India has great human resources. Right from the back office departments to software development functions, big companies are outsourcing to India.

Below are several reasons why people outsource to India –

    • Cost-effective services – this is the main reason why people outsource to India. Outsourcing to India saves a lot of operation costs. India manages to provide such cost effective servies because it has a healthy man power which is highly skilled, technically trained and professionally active.


    • High – quality Services – india is technically superior too. It is updated with the latest technology and softwares. After U.S. , India is the second largest in English speaking. And we all know that English is a globally accepted language. Thus while outsourcing to India, it provides us with high quality outsourcing solutions and we can be assured of good quality.


    • Time zone difference benefits – the companies in the west can outsource to India and gain the advantage of providing customer help desk 24*7 for their customers.


    • India’s stable government – India has been enjoying a stable democracy since 60 yrs by now. Indian government is striving hard and has shown tremendous developments in the IT sector. Also, India has a fast growing economy and is a developing country too. With support of the government in IT sector, the developers have been successful in developing big IT parks in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Banglore etc.


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